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7 Dangers of Opiate Addiction

Perception Pain Killer and Heroin Abuse - 7 Dangers of Opiate Addiction...   Opiate abuse is continually rising as more people become addicted to prescription pain relievers and heroin. Based on findings by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, roughly 2 million Americans were using pre... Read More

Top 4 Ways to Help Drug Addicts Without Enabling

Beating Addiction - Top 4 Ways to Help Drug Addicts Without Enabling...   When someone you love becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, your first response may be to do everything to help them. However, not everything that someone close to an addict does is always helping the goal of recovery. ... Read More

10 Surprising Benefits of Sobriety

10 Surprising Benefits of Sobriety That You Might Not Be Aware Of...   In 2009, only 11.2 percent of addicts sought professional treatment for addiction. When a person is in the grips of addiction, their entire way of thinking and even their behavior can change. It may seem to them at the tim... Read More

Addiction to Pain Pills: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Addiction to Pain Pills, Signs Someone Is Addicted To Pills, Addiction to Pain Pills...   While many believe that painkillers are safe, especially if they are available over-the-counter (OTC), truth is, there is a fine line between using them for a legitimate reason, and abusing them for thei... Read More

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Addressing your alcohol abuse issue on time could save your life. Don't wait any longer, there are many inpatient alcohol rehab centers that can help...   It is fairly common that people lean on alcohol to face certain situations: to become less inhibited, to feel "brave", to fi... Read More

Methadone Lollipop Addiction

Is it possible to suffer from a Methadone Lollipop Addiction?...   Methadone is a synthetic opioid medication (narcotic) generally used to treat addiction and dependence to strong drugs, such as heroin, morphine and/or prescription painkillers, therefore, a Methadone lollipop addiction is cer... Read More

Women's Drug Rehab in Miami

Almost as important as seeking rehab in the first place is seeking specialized care. For women, that might mean looking into women's drug rehab facilities available in Miami. These programs are tailored specifically with the needs of females in mind. Women's drug rehab centers can help women... Read More

Addiction and Mental Illness Treatment in Miami

Centers for addiction and mental illness treatment in Miami offer rehab programs that are dedicated to helping patients with coexisting disorders. Coexisting disorders, also called dual diagnosis or comorbidity, are relatively common in substance abuse treatment. In research into comorbidity, questi... Read More

MDMA Abuse Treatment in Miami

MDMA abuse treatment in Miami is a necessary service since MDMA, a drug also known as ecstasy or molly, is a stimulant drug that has a psychedelic effect when used. The scientific formulation for MDMA is 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. What Are the Effects/Symptoms of Use? When taken, MDMA caus... Read More

Miami OCD and Addiction Recovery

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a condition where the individual experiences either obsessions or compulsions occurring repeatedly and persistently which interfere with daily life. The individual is aware these thoughts and worries are excessive or have no reality basis. Compulsions are repet... Read More

Flakka Drug Use is Widespread throughout South Florida

Flakka drug use has contributed to about 33 deaths in Miami and South Florida in the past 10 months. The Broward-County Grand Jury is currently preparing to investigate its usage and distribution as well as its effects. The jury will also be looking into other designer drugs. State Attorney Mike Sat... Read More

Dangers of Eating Disorders and Drug Treatment Centers in Miami

Eating disorders are silent but deadly killers. These conditions affect approximately 75 million people nationwide, with 90% being women. Studies show that eating disorders stem primarily from low self-esteem, depression, poor self-image and lack of self-control. The presence of an eating disorder c... Read More

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