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Relapse can be a very difficult experience, especially when someone has been sober for a long period of time. Recovery from addiction is an ongoing process, and sometimes a recovering addict may experience moments where they feel vulnerable or unable to focus on anything, except their substance of abuse. The emotional pain and guilt associated with relapse may cause an addict to feel that they are not capable of sobriety. This state of mind is dangerous and requires the help of an addiction specialist and relapse prevention education to overcome.

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When it comes to relapse prevention, addiction counseling is a resource that every addict should consider. Group counseling sessions such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous will provide a recovering addict with more motivation to maintain their sobriety. Addicts who take the time to attend counseling meetings will learn valuable relapse prevention tools. Feelings of depression and anxiety are common amongst addicts. These feelings can be overwhelming and often lead to more drug use. This is why the guidance of a support group or addiction specialist is so important during recovery.

Controlling Cravings

After detoxification and a drug abuse intervention program have been completed; the road to sobriety is still not finished. Relapse triggers such as stress, emotional difficulties, and peer pressure can make it difficult to maintain sobriety. To recover fully, you have to be prepared to face any trigger or craving. When the craving to use drugs arises, reaching out to a friend or mentor can help. Due to this, addiction counselors often recommend that recovered addicts keep an index card on their person. This card should have a list of names and phone numbers that you can reach out to for support. If you have a desire to use again, the names on the card can be an invaluable tool.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Many alcoholics use alcohol to take a step away from the emotional stress that they encounter in their daily lives. However, as alcohol takes its toll on the liver, brain and other organs in the body, excessive alcohol use can quickly become the source of stress instead of the cure. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are led by a counselor who has dealt with a recovered addict. Counselors have experienced addiction first hand, not only in their own lives but in the lives of others who are desperately seeking help.

Avoiding Hot Spots

One of the main things that causes someone to use again is their environment. Someone recovering from addiction should separate themselves from the friends that they used to do drugs with. Instead, recovered addicts should develop a support network of sober friends who will motivate them to stay clean. Choosing to be around drug users' only increases the chances that you will use again.

Relapse Prevention

During rehab treatment, the first few weeks or months may be difficult, but as you adapt to a more productive lifestyle it gets easier over time. Remaining positive and developing healthy habits will help you to manage your addiction. As you remain off of drugs and alcohol, sobriety will become easier.

Successful recovery depends on more than just a desire to quit. When it comes to substance abuse, getting the help of addiction specialists can make the process simpler.

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