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What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is defined as the physical and psychological addiction to alcohol. It is a serious brain disease that requires effective and long-term alcoholism treatment. Many alcoholism treatment centers in Miami, have, as part of their main goals of alcohol rehab, to teach patients coping techniques in order to prevent relapses down the road. Successful alcoholism treatments include a combination of integrative and comprehensive therapies in order to ensure the best and most successful recovery possible. To find out more about your alcoholism treatment options, call (877) 804-1531.


According to the World Health Organization, in 2010 there were over 208 million people around the world suffering from alcoholism. The same source notes that 4.1% of this population is over the age of 15. In the US, 10 to 20% of men and 5 to 10% of women will meet the criteria for alcoholism at some point in their lives.

Abuse and Addiction

Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction are serious problems that are often influenced by genetics, social environment, and even the way you were raised. The difference between the two is that in general, people suffering from alcohol abuse can set limits on their drinking. Signs may include neglecting your responsibilities, getting into legal trouble because of alcohol, and continuing drinking despite having problems in your relationships. Alcohol addiction on the other hand often leads people to feel like they can't function without alcohol or that they are physically dependent on the substance. Signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction often include an increase tolerance, losing control over your drinking, devoting your attention and energy to alcohol, and suffering from physical symptoms such as sweating, nausea and vomiting, and anxiety caused by withdrawal. Alcohol abuse can increase one's risk of developing dementia and memory loss, bleeding in the digestive tract, brain cell damage, and cancer of the esophagus, colon, and liver.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

  • Cravings - this often means needing more than you would drink in order to feel relaxed or buzzed. Your body may require alcohol in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms.
  • Loss of control - an alcoholic often puts him or herself into dangerous situations just to drink alcohol. He or she may neglect responsibilities at home or work.
  • Physical dependence - physical dependence on alcohol can result in symptoms such as sweating, nausea and vomiting, insomnia, irritability and fatigue, and loss of appetite when not drinking.
  • Tolerance - an increased tolerance level is one of the first warning signs of alcoholism. This means having to drink more and more to achieve the same results.


For some alcoholics and their families, an intervention is just what they need in order to get help. Common options include informal and formal interventions. During an intervention, concerned family members and friends gather together in the same room with the alcoholic. It's best for people considering intervention to educate themselves about the process of the disease before beginning. Another helpful tip is to schedule an intervention evaluation following the meeting.


Those who have been drinking a lot typically need to detox in a medical setting. The goal of treatment is to reduce withdrawal symptoms and to provide therapy to stop the alcoholic drinking. Those with moderate to severe symptoms may need detox at an inpatient facility or a hospital.

Alcoholism Treatment

  • Programs - There are many types of alcohol treatment programs to consider. These include residential treatment, which typically lasts for 30 to 90 days, along with outpatient programs and sober living.
  • Therapy - Counseling is a popular form of therapy and often involves group and individual sessions.
  • Antabuse - A drug that interferes with the metabolism of alcohol in chronic alcoholics.

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