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It's important to know that you don't have to hit rock bottom in order to seek treatment for drug or alcohol dependence. Many recovery programs are designed to help addicts in various stages of addiction. In many cases, the more intense the addiction is, the tougher it is to treat. Recovery programs offer many benefits. If you or loved one is suffering from chemical dependence, there is help available right now.

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Many recovery programs focus on the 12 step recovery program. This program, often referred to as Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is designed to help people stop using alcohol or the offending drug. Some of the steps this program addresses include starting by admitting that the person has a problem followed by the necessary steps that need to be taken to address and resolve all underlying issues. The program also emphasizes making amends with those you may have heard because of your addiction.

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A large part of addiction treatment therapy involves finding the most appropriate type of treatment for each addict, whether it's outpatient or residential treatment. Because everyone's needs are different, each individual takes part in a treatment program that's right for their needs. Throughout treatment, the person's treatment and services plan is routinely assessed and altered as needed. There is also a strong focus on counseling and other types of behavioral therapy.

  • Cognitive / Behavioral - Cognitive and behavioral therapy is a form of counseling. It's often used to treat substance abuse by focusing on the here and now. The goal is for participants to focus on, question, and examine any recurring thoughts they are having about their drug use. Ultimately, the emphasis is on proving negative thoughts to be false and phasing them out.
  • Motivational interviewing - Motivational interviewing is a form of nonjudgmental counseling where a number of treatment options are suggested and discussed in a back-and-forth manner. While the underlying goal is to give advice, what sets motivational interviewing a part is that the addicts, as well as participants such as friends and family members, contribute ideas and potential solutions regarding their care.
  • Art therapy - Art therapy is designed to give recovering addicts an opportunity to get in touch with their inner selves in the higher power. This type of therapy is ideal for expressing feelings that can't always easily be identified or put into words. Arts therapy can raise a person's self-esteem and give them an opportunity to create positive new experiences. Common forms of art therapy include dance, music, poetry, and a variety of art projects.
  • Group meetings - Group meetings and peer support groups can be a tremendous resource for finding assistance, guidance, and encouragement. Not only are these groups helpful for maintaining one's sobriety, but they are also a safe way to voice your challenges and get support as you recover. These meetings offer addicts a way to connect with others who have firsthand knowledge of what they are going through.

It's important to understand that there is no one single type of treatment that will work for everyone. In order to be effective, treatment needs to address the various needs of the addict, not just the drug or alcohol abuse. Successful recovery involves remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time, as leaving early for failing to complete treatment is more likely to lead to relapse.

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