Flakka Drug Use is Widespread throughout South Florida

Flakka drug use has contributed to about 33 deaths in Miami and South Florida in the past 10 months. The Broward-County Grand Jury is currently preparing to investigate its usage and distribution as well as its effects. The jury will also be looking into other designer drugs. State Attorney Mike Satz said that the flakka drug "has become a life and death issue" in Miami and the rest of South Florida.

Flakka drug, which closely resembles bath salts, is a synthetic stimulant that causes "excited delirium," which results in hyperthermia, adrenaline-like strength and hallucinations. It can be purchased on the street for as little as $5 a dose.

Addiction to this drug is serious and must be treated quickly. Treatment centers in Miami are widely available, so seek out the support of one of these facilities today. Don't hesitate in getting help.

How Do Drugs like Flakka Affect Your Brain?

Most addictive drugs work by targeting your brain's reward system. Dopamine, the neurotransmitter found in the parts of the brain that control movement, emotion, and pleasure, is triggered by the use of drugs or alcohol. By flooding your brain circuit with dopamine, you feel the euphoria (or "high") associated with drug abuse.

Unfortunately, this same overstimulation and saturation of dopamine is instantly recognized by your brain as a reward, and teaches a person's brain to continuously repeat the behavior of taking drugs. And while the choice to initially try drugs is almost always completely voluntary, once the brain chemistry has been altered to the degree that a person requires their use to feel steady, normal, or calm, a physical dependence has developed. Dependence on drugs despite detrimental effects on your life and body are the hallmarks of addiction, and a clear sign than professional help and drug rehab are now necessary.

Since flakka use happens predominantly in the South Florida and Miami area, there is plenty of help available for those suffering from its effects. Visit one of the available drug rehab centers in the Miami area, or attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting (www.namiami.org) to find support.

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